Find Motivation to Workout – A Real Parent’s Advice!

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to find any motivation to work out. Being a mom of 3 kids, working and taking classes I surely don’t have much time and very little motivation. Not having much “free time” on my hands I don’t want to use that up going to the gym.

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Working out and staying healthy has been something I have tried my best to make part of my life. Especially after pregnancy and during pregnancy, which I learned the hard way after my first son. That is why I want to contribute to anyone in this position my honest advice and help. I didn’t have any advice my first pregnancy and my mom was never active in sports or exercising so no motivation there or anywhere. I was told just eat when you are hungry and no one mentioned working out either. I ended up gaining too much and found it harder to lose the older I got.

As an adult it is not easy to stay in shape. Here are some reasons why:

  1. No Time- its hard to find time to workout with work, kids and tons more responsibilities.
  2. Slower metabolism- it’s estimated that you metabolism slows down 5% every decade after 40.
  3. Loss of Muscle- after age 30 it’s estimated that you lose 3%-5% of muscle per decade.
  4. Fat Increase- as we get older we retain more of white fat which stores excess calories.
  5. Stress- leads to unnecessary cortisol being stored as fat cells in you body.

I’m hoping to help figure some of this out for anyone that needs some advice and some motivation.

Time Saving Workout

It is true what they advertise and I’m here as a normal person trying to reassure anyone that might be skeptical. Also I wanted to share how I have benefited from this purchase. How it has helped me overcome obstacles like managing my time and getting an efficient workout without spending all my time doing it.

Bowflex uses the emerging science of High Intensity Interval Training and made it as easy as possible. With the 14-minute Bowflex max trainer I was able to get a maximum workout in a short amount of time. It also has a built-in workout that’s just a touch of a button. It has a bell that dings (almost like a boxing match that’s starting) that tells you when to start and stop the intervals.

The Max Trainer breaks down the intervals for you just like this:

  • 25 seconds of high intensity
  • 80 seconds of low intensity
  • repeat these intervals 7 more times (which the bell indicates)

I had never worked out in intervals before and was not sure exactly if it would work or if I would even like it. And 14 minutes didn’t seem like a “great” workout to me. I was spending at least an hour at the gym when I did go. After making the leap of faith and purchasing my own machine I was more than pleased.

It has the bars on the side to workout you arms and of course the elliptical movement for you legs. I could diffinitely feel the burn during the high intensity intervals. Then the low intervals gives just enough time to “recover” or “rest” between the high intervals but without stopping. It has a gauge to tell you how fast you should be going at the different intervals. A line is lit up to show you where to be to get the best results.

I was impressed at the end of the 14-minutes that I was feeling like I had a 30-minute workout on the treadmill. It pushes you and gives you the information to get the workout that you want in such a short amount of time.

Going to the Gym vs. Working out at home

Finding a short workout that gives you results is not the only thing that takes up time. Just getting ready to go to the gym can be quite a chore. You have to plan ahead, for example you need:

  • gym clothes (something you are comfortable in and other people seeing)
  • water bottle (have to stay hydrated and my gym didn’t sell water, just had a water fountain)
  • food (either a snack before so you not hungry or if you like me I went on my lunch break)
  • gym bag (need something to put the first 3 items in and some deodorant)

That’s just the basic things for planning on a trip to the gym. Going on my lunch break meant I had to plan all this out the night before or the morning of and with kids it’s not as easy as it should be. That was enough for me just thinking of all the things I need to remember to have.

Just one advantage of having a machine at home to workout on. I save even more time not having to deal with packing a bag and making all the neccesary preparations needed for the gym. I have all I need in the comfort of my very own home.

A second advantage is not having to worry about the enrollment fee to sign up at the gym ad the monthly payment every month thereafter. Either I would forget to pay and couldn’t get in or when I started automatic withdrawal from my account I wouldn’t always have the time to go. If you are like me and hate to waste money than you know that when you don’t go and still paying it ways on you mind. Then I feel guilty for wasting money and if I cancel it’s a whole other enrollment fee and such a hassle. With Bowflex yes there is a monthly payment but only until it’s paid off. No matter what it’s not wasting money because you are paying to own it and you will have the machine long after you are done making payments. Bonus!

Third, whether you self-conscious you still think at least a little about you appearance going to the gym or anywhere for that matter. Working out at home eliminates the worry of how you look or buying expensive gym clothes. I like to have gym/workout clothes at home but there is less worry of what kind, does it match, wrinkled etc. Or I can just wear some old sweats and exercise away. My hair, who cares, no else but me ( family but they see you at you worst all the time) can see it. Double Bonus! If you are embarrassed than starting a gym-like set-up at home is more than perfect for you. I understand that some people may just want to workout and not worry about anyone watching or judging. It’s hard enough to just go to the gym than to worry about what other people think makes it that much harder to want to go.

Working out at home eliminates all these headaches from going to the gym. AND you can get the same results at home. Don’t think you need a gym to get healthy, fit or lose weight. Where doesn’t matter, it’s the how that gets results!

My Hero during the 2nd Pregnancy

Now back around to not wanting to be in front of people at the gym. Well being pregnant is one of my most self-conscious situations in my life. Your uncomfortable, you feel huge, nothing fits and you appearance is different than what you use to. Working out with Bowflex Max Trainer at home was so much easier than all the worries of the gym.

I was diffinitely limited on clothes and what clothes I did have my belly was peaking out from the bottom and I would have been uncomfortable at the gym like that. Some people might not be and that’s great but not everyone is that comfortable in their own skin especially when it’s abnormally stretched out. I of course didn’t want to buy new clothes that fit better because I wasn’t going to be that size forever. And everyone reading this knows by now I Hate wasting money.

My first pregnancy I was 21 years old and didn’t workout a single day of my pregnancy. Actually, I had not worked out since I was in high school and played basketball. I was young and skinny and could eat whatever I wanted and sty the same. Oh if I knew than what I know now, I could have saved myself so much grief.

Now we are at my motivation for working out after 3 years of nothing, was gaining 50 pounds during my pregnancy. I thought being young and still working that would be enough for me to stay at a decent weight and go right back to normal afterwards. Wrong! After gaining too much and having a large bundle of joy there wasn’t any back to normal/before in store for my body, at least not if i was doing nothing. So I joined the local gym and went almost every lunch break and worked out a full hour then got a quick bite to eat and went back to work. Not an easy routine but I was motivated.

I realized how great I felt working out again and being healthy, active and in shape. Well worth the effort no matter how much trouble it all was. I maintained a good routine for many years after. Got married when my son was about 8 and my husband had a son the same age as mine. Now I have two sons, a husband and my grandfather who will be with me and his great-grandchildren forever. Love my family but they can be a handful. I still wanted to workout but had a few more responsibilites and not enough time. My husband and I saw the commercials for this “14-minute fantastic workout machine” and at first thought can it really do much in such a short amount of time but we decided to buy it and see for ourselves.

Finally, I had to time to pick up the kids from school and workout while they did their homework. The workout was a perfect amount of time and if I had time to do more that’s always an option. My husband and I decided to have a baby and I was so nervous of gaining all the weight I had with my first. Luckily I had my very own exercise machine at my convenience. I tried to work out almost every day of my pregnancy. At first keeping with the same routine but further along in my pregnancy I had to slow down a bit. Instead of doing the 14-minute workout I just started the machine and did it at my own pace for a little bit longer amount of time. This was my hero, come to the end of my pregnancy and I had only gained 25 pounds compared to the 50 pounds I had gained without working out. I was thrilled and the birth went a lot smoother as well. I felt really in shape for being 9 months pregnant. My workouts continued up until 3 days before I had my second son.

Could not have done it without my Bowflex Max Trainer.

I am not a “Paid Actor!”

When I was asked “What would you like to help people with or what am I passionate about,” and my answer was being healthy, happy and a good mother, wife and recent student. My thought was what has helped me to stay healthy has been because of working out with my Bowflex. It’s been made so much easier to fit it into my day when it’s at home. Then the domino effect: healthy makes me happy and being happy helps me to thrive with other aspects of my life. Taking care of yourself first means I can take care of the rest of my family to the best of my ability.

Having said that, Bowflex didn’t ask me to advertise or anything like that. I simply saw an opportunity to tell my story and share with other people in similar situations. Or for anyone that’s considering working out at home, or purchasing a Bowflex maybe this will ease you mind.

This was 100% my idea to talk about Bowflex and how it has helped me. I would want to hear from a working mom’s perspective and I thought other people would also. Just knowing someone out there is overwhelmed and has a hectic life at times is nice to see you not the only one. Any help I can give to make things even just a small amount better is all I really want to do.

I’m a “normal,” married, working, mother of 3 just passing along some real experiences in my life. I live in a small town and that means at our local gym (which we never had until around 2003) you will see people you know. Although it’s great to see some people and catch up it’s also distracting and gets me off focus. I have found what has really helped me do my life in an easier more productive way and had to share and maybe encourage or motivate at least one person.

Hope I could help at least One Person!

I don’t need to reach millions of people and transform your world I just want to help anyone that has doubts about this product, similar products or even working out while pregnant or if you have time, not having the money and so on… Bowflex just happened to be the product we saw, liked, bought and got results. The 14-minute part caught my husband and my attention at first because we are both very busy and liked that part about it initially. That was our personal need at the time and our need was met.

After using for a few months my husband was full of compliments on my results physically. I was also pleased with my results and I will be honest, I did not change my eating habits (which is something I need to work on) but with the consistent use of my machine and working out I still got results. It’s a great full body workout, got me back into shape when I didn’t have time for the gym, kept me in shape during pregnancy and all at home!

Anyone who reads this and I can influence to better their health, mind and body is why I’m writing this!

Life is not easy and anything that can make it just a little easier I would want to know. And so I pass my knowledge on to whomever needs it. Hope I could help!





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